so, this is a thing.

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i’ve been putting off writing this first post for awhile now. i guess today’s the day.

so, first & foremost, if you’re reading this, welcome!! i’m new to this whole blogging thing, but i figured if i ever want to be a ‘real’ writer, i should start doing real writer things. like running a blog… and getting my life in order… baby steps.

i’m sure that most people that are reading this already at least vaguely know who i am, but if for some reason you’ve found yourself here with no idea how, go ahead and click that plus at the top of the page. i spent SO FREAKING LONG figuring out how to get this to work, and am v pleased with how it turned out. here, you can read a blurb about who i am, get linked to my many other social media websites & even check out the books i’m currently reading thanks to goodreads.

i’m not sure what this blog will turn out to be. i recently created evergreen zine, which is an exploration of my own poetry with lots of dreamy imagery, which i will be sharing soon. sometimes i make playlists, which you can find on my 8tracks. i plan to write some feminist pieces to post at some point, and i’ll be posting any writing i do for The Ontarion. first and foremost, this blog is a journal for myself, about myself, but i hope, with your support, it will grow in many ways!

since i can’t think of anything else to write, i’ll end this by saying sorry for the boring first post, babes! i promise it will only get better from here on out!

yours, meg.


The Author

i'm meg wilson, a twenty-two-year old feminist, researcher and english/media studies student. i'm an enfp, an aquarius, as well as a dedicated cat person.

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