but is it art: a photozine

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second year is over and i can’t even believe it. after lots of long nights fuelled by coffee and tears, here i am, finished. it’s unsettling to think that i’m already halfway done my degree, so i’m not going to discuss it.

instead: this semester i took my first full credit course, a philosophy of art field course, which immersed me into a world of underground artists as well as making me question what art really is. today i’m sharing my final project for the course, a semester long effort of questioning and deconstructing, compacted into a neat little online zine. i’m very happy with the way it turned out, and i hope you enjoy it too!

you can view it as a flipbook here:




The Author

i'm meg wilson, a twenty-two-year old feminist, researcher and english/media studies student. i'm an enfp, an aquarius, as well as a dedicated cat person.

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