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Working together with Rochelle, Atia and Sopulu, we created this reimagined version of the GTA/Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph transit system.

I have created this infographic as an example of our marketing for the project. As we discussed in our group, our marketing strategy would be implemented through social media across university campuses. We use bright colours and relatable language in order to entice customers, in the style of Tangerine Bank.

We also discussed ways to incentivize the card system to students, including making the Green Pass like a SPC or Student Price Card. The card would then also provide discounts at participating retailers.

We discussed pricing for the card and came up with a monthly membership depending on the status of the buyer:

Students – $60

Commuters – $80

Public – $70

Children & Seniors ride free!

Good Green Transit solves the local problem of transit offerings and expense. Good Green Transit encourages public transportation for commuters, students, and the public, and will, therefore, cut down on congestion in our area.


The Author

i'm meg wilson, a twenty-two-year old feminist, researcher and english/media studies student. i'm an enfp, an aquarius, as well as a dedicated cat person.

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